zNews 1/14/2013 – A start of something new, old, and undead.

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Hey there undead lovers! (That phrase could take on a new meeting in a few weeks when the movie “Warm Bodies” comes out)
Let me be the first (or second if Del puts my blurb below hers) to welcome you to zNews. My co-author and I have been writing from behind the internet wall for almost a year. All that time I’d hoped to be able to better reach our readers and get to know them personally. What is the point of doing a web serial if you have no connection with the people you are writing it for? I’d come to love the idea of doing a story and letting the readers follow along in real time as we made the first draft.
Sometimes we are just as surprised as you are with what happens (maybe we should plan further out, Del?)
I’m watching zombies become very popular right now, and there is SO MUCH to share! My personal contributions to this page will be relevant zombie links to stories, toys, and events as I find them.
I raise my glass to you, grr arg!


I cannot tell you all how tempting it was to put my blurb first just to be a pain. But I put on my mature, big girl pants and resisted.
So allow me to be the second to welcome you to Znews! It’s exciting for us to finally reach out and be more interactive with our readers. As Rob said, sometimes we’re as surprised as our readers by what happens in the story; it’s certainly gone down a road or two I wasn’t expecting when we first started this (as for planning ahead, Rob, I like the surprises! It’s part of the fun…) And that fun is going to be extended to this page too. When you come here, expect… anything.
But never nothing.

And this week’s news story…
Win A Zombie Wedding

And I thought I was unconventional having a green wedding dress and pie instead of cake.

Page 47

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