Meet the Characters

Meet Elliott Bradbury, science fiction fan extraordinaire. An unassuming young man in his mid-twenties, Elliott is of medium height and build, with black hair and glasses (and while he loves the books, he hates being called Harry Potter). In defiance of the stereotype of nerds being smelly, Elliott is fastidiously clean as he recognizes that to do otherwise would seriously impede a months long desire to get a girlfriend (he really didn’t care all that much until he met The Girl). Elliott is intelligent, sensible, and always thinks of witty things to say but his tongue is so often tied in knots that it’s hard to tell. He frequently blurts things out in a rush just to get all the thoughts out of his head. While not usually considered aggressive or even particularly decisive, he is resolute in all things he sets his mind to: once his feet are on a path, there is no turning back.
He is close friends with Junie, one of the few she has; compared to the rest of the people Elliott hangs out with, Junie is almost normal. He doesn’t always understand her, but she has a good heart and she provides some much needed excitement in his life via being completely unpredictable. He has begun a rough, tenuous friendship with gruff, semi-paranoid Roger from Deek’s Sporting Goods and a friendly, if mostly silent and one sided relationship with Shavian, the Girl who works at the Dry Otter (this relationship, to be totally honest, is based almost solely on shyly shared smiles and waves. Shavian actually thinks Elliott is mute).
Favorite Beer: Widmer Brothers Nelson Imperial IPA
Favorite Coffee: Not that big a coffee fan, but likes Starbucks Pike Blend.
Quote: “Nobody expects the zombie apocalypse. Well, I guess except me. And Roger. And I guess Junie didn’t seem that surprised… Can I start over?”

Meet Junie Harkness, coffee tweaker and potential enthusiast of all things (literally, she could seriously pick something to be enthusiastic about for absolutely no reason, at pretty much any time). A tall blue eyed blonde in her late twenties, Junie is a recovering hardcore drug addict: she sort of just transferred her addiction to cocaine to something a little more legal. While completely functional, she is unpredictable and odd; most people who know her well suspect that she’s not really right in the head anymore. The only thing you know for sure is that she loves everything about coffee: making it, drinking it, reading about it… if it pertains to coffee, she loves it. While not beautiful, she is very pretty in a “girl-next-door” kind of way; she looks younger than she is, and has a whimsical, childlike quality that makes people want to protect her… until she breaks out the tactical mug, which then makes people want to protect themselves.
She considers Elliott her best friend; no one else really understands her, and she’s frankly not sure if he actually does understand her, but he’s more that willing to just accept her even if he doesn’t. And sometimes that’s all she can ask. In her more coherent moments she is aware that people are put off by her at times, but sometimes she just can’t help her weirdness: her freak flag flies, even when there’s no wind.
Favorite Beer: Iron Horse’s Mocha Death
Favorite Coffee: Coffee.
Quote: “All hail the black bean… bringer of the God Caffeine…”

Meet Roger Gillespie, self professed gun nut, Doomsday prepper, golf enthusiast and Scotsman. Roger played some sports in high school, and has always been in good shape, though he’s let a milder life in retail management thicken him around the middle a bit more than he’d like. Tall and in his late twenties, he loves the outdoors, particularly because it tends to be full of things he can shoot. He’s a very responsible gun owner (for the most part) but he does like his guns in the same way that Junie likes her coffee: perhaps a bit too much. He’s mildly paranoid, but doesn’t feel like he takes it too far: he’s just sort of prepared in general. He is very self-sufficient and kind of a loner.
He’s begun a tentative and strange friendship with Elliott and Junie. They all work in the mall together and though Junie is older than he by two years, and he’s barely older than Elliott, he feels protective of them. Elliott is guarded, and seems to be a little afraid that Roger is going to spontaneously drag him into the bathroom and give him a swirly, but Roger was never that kind of jock and really wants that little dweeb to get that through his head. Junie he doesn’t get at all, but she’s good for a laugh.
Favorite Beer: Deschutes Obsidian Stout
Favorite Coffee: Irish Cream Latte
Quote: “Shaun of the Dead? Wussy southern softie… cricket bats are for pussies. Golf clubs are the only way to go.”

Meet Shavian Quinn, Mormon, aspiring actress, and victim of a kidnapping with its heart in the right place. Shavian is nineteen and hopeful, trying to save up enough money working her mall job to move to Hollywood. She has long curly red hair and amber eyes; she’s a beauty.
But that’s not all there is to this girl. She doesn’t always come off as intelligent because her priorities are a little immature, but she’s a smart cookie, and doesn’t stand for anyone messing with her. She loves her clothes and is something of a fashionista, but she has a good heart.
She doesn’t know the others very well (not yet anyway) but she’s encountered them all from working at the mall. She’s slighly jealous of the fact that Junie is taller than she is, and she thinks Elliott is mute based on the fact that she’d never heard him speak. Roger she barely knew, but seemed nice enough and might have been interesting if he were a little younger.
Favorite Beer: Doesn’t drink, that her parents know.
Favorite Coffee: Tall non-fat mocha from Badger’s Hovel
Quote: “No amount of chloroform and zombies is going to keep me away from a sale on jeans.”

Meet Maxine Bait, reporter, zombie food, and ruthless ladder climber. Maxine has clawed her way up at the news station until she became an anchor. She has very strict ideas of how she fits into the world, and it involves lots of money, fame and air time. But not zombies. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of getting you eaten when you least expect it.
Maxine is of medium height and build, a brunette with curly hair and bright blue eyes. She’s in her late twenties, and not very happy about that. She’s very pretty in an overly made up, Hollywood kind of way. She relies heavily on her cameraman, Jake, who always manages to make her look good. If she ever thought of anyone else as a human being she might have discovered that she was quite fond of him, but she’s a little too self-obsessed.
Favorite Beer: Sam Adams’ Boston Lager
Favorite coffee: Starbucks Latte (Californians wouldn’t know really good coffee if it was poured over their heads).
Quote: “The world is my brainnnnnnnnssssss. I mean oyster…”

Meet Jake Grey, cameraman, impromptu ambulance driver, and compulsive worrier. In his early thirties, Jake is average in almost every way in which it is possible to be average. Average height, average weight, average IQ, average looks. It’s almost as though the universe just couldn’t be bothered with the exceptional when it was creating Jake.
He is a good man, and tends to take care of the people around him. Max is always almost getting herself into trouble and Jake keeps her from it, sometimes without her even knowing. So when Max is injured on the job, Jake feels it’s just one more duty to make sure she gets the help she needs, whether she wants to or not.
Favorite Beer: Lost Abbey’s Judgement Day
Favorite Coffee: Drip, black.
Quote: “I’m not sure you should be doing that…”

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