Stanley’s Bio

Welcome to the combined work of  Deleva Stanley and Robert Dufalo, the two of them writing under the pen name of: Stanley Dufalo

Stanley is an aspiring workaholic and actual alcoholic. He realizes he will have to give up on one of these eventually.  He lives alone in a cottage at the base of Mount Rainier with no pets unless you count the one-eyed raccoon that knocks over his trash bins at least once a week.  He enjoys long walks through the woods, playing the alpenhorn and is working on a cure for the gag reflex.

His first work is the web book, From Beer to Apocalypse, a comedy thriller about what happens when you leave what is left of humanity to a group of coffee tweekers and alcoholics. You get to watch as they face the Zombie hordes as they search for their next meal of brains and …report the news?


Can the Scottish take back the game of golf?


Can you have just too much work out equipment?


Can you go ape shit and still get the girl?


All these questions and more are answered in Beer to Apocalypse!



Disclaimer: There are no guarantee that any of these questions are ever answered.

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